My Bestfriend Mhaphruongunuo^^

Mhaphruongunuo Tsürho :)
 I still remember meeting you for the first time on our first day of college at Mezhür Higher Secondarey School, Kohima. The first time we met, we knew it was for forever :) I still remember bunking Fete Day and going to War Cemetry for snapping LOL :D I guess we are the only ones among girls who did that. I still remember singing a duet with you during Assembly and turning all red. I can clearly recall our legs and hands shaking from anxiety that morning. It was one unforgettable day.

I love the fact that we love the same songs and we end up singing the same songs in our respective Churches. I also love the fact that we love wearing same clothes, loves buying same shoes, earrings and matching bags. May our friendship always produce the fruits of the spirits:)
On this special day I wanna wish you all happiness and good luck my dearest. May God bless you more health and make all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday ^^

Thank you Aye for the pics :)
My Bestfriend Mhaphruongunuo^^


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    1. Thank you so much's a blessing knowing one can ever take your place.. may we remain bff and ever..❤❤❤



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