Lounging in Meraki on a Safari Holiday^^

So, I finally went on my first safari holiday with my sisters and some friends to Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand and my! did I have a good time? Yes. What made the trip even more fun was that I had beautiful outfits to wear while relaxing at the Resort we stayed at in between the Safari ride.
The clothes I am talking about are from a label called Meraki.

Meraki is a label by Pallavi Kandoi. Meraki means creating something with soul and love.
Her specialty is hand crafted clothing and accessories. I am wearing an A-Line marble dress and in the other pictures by the pool, my outfit is a marble dye overlap pants and white crop top by Meraki again. You can check out more goodies by Meraki by clicking here Meraki on Facebook or here Meraki on tumblr.

Lounging in Meraki on a Safari Holiday^^

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