The Müne Series : Pursuit of happiness ^^

The Müne Series : Pursuit of happiness ^^

I am back after a long and much needed break, during which I managed to do most of the things that I wanted to. The good thing is I am back to my old self, happy and healthy, so my blog should continue with full force and lots of inspired posts. Let me not bore you with things that went wrong with my blog for quite a while. Summer and autumn have gone so fast and winter is slowly creeping in. But, I don't mind. I love winter too. Besides it gives me the perfect excuse to stay home and cuddle up with a nice cup of tea and watch some lovely movies.  Well, here are some photographs that have been waiting for weeks. These new pictures were clicked by Kekhrie zakie, a true proffessional and one of the best photographers of Nagaland. Anyway I am going to let the pictures to do the talking. Let me allow you to enjoy the pictures now.  I hope you like the pictures and be sure to tell me what you think.  (Greetings in Chokri Naga dialect.) Ee zho küpüh sa salah vozüh ho. Utüh

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