Wholesome Goodness. Healthy lifestyle. With Keventer Milk^^

Wholesome Goodness. Healthy lifestyle. With Keventer Milk^^

People have different things to say about milk. That quintessential glass of milk every mom forces their child to drink in ads or films never happened with me. Maybe that's why I love my milk. Warm. Cool. In my tea. With Horlicks or cocoa or some chocolate. Or plain. Back home, our milk came from the local milkman for like forever and my siblings and  I took turns to supervise the boiling and storage. If it boiled over then you had it from mom. After I moved to the city, I had plenty of options but whenever I came home, it was back to my old milkman and the fixed amount he brought daily. Now with Keventer Milk coming to the NE market, I'm so glad to have a healthy, delicious and easy use and hassle free storage delicious milk option right at home. Keventer Milk has launched 3 variants of milk in three volumes. Standardized (4.5% fat-Thick & Creamy), Toned (Daily use 3 % fat) and Double Toned (1.5% fat-Low Calorie) and has been competitively priced to make it af

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