Naganess Turtleneck Series : Highneck and Mekhela^^

Ever Since I was a kid, highnecks/turtlenecks have been a wardrobe staple. Maybe because I have a long neck and a very sensitive throat so I catch cold easily. I have about a hundred turtlenecks/highnecks in my wardrobe now.
My latest splurge has been some 20-25 pieces in all colours and textures this season from Shein, Romwe, Zara, Forever21 and my favourite Kohima thrift shops.
I wear them to sleep, I pair them with my dresses, Mekhela Suits, Faux furs, jeans, skirts. I also wear them underneath my Tetseo Sisters Gig outfits during winter shows.
Just few seasons ago, people would tease me for wearing my turtlenecks/highnecks saying "Do you feel so cold all the time"? I'm a turtle neck girl come summer or winter.
But I am glad things have changed now and the style is catching on completely.
Well, good for me! And everyone who like them or planning to get one, you have my vote.

Tribal Earrings by Gutouch

Naganess Turtleneck Series : Highneck and Mekhela^^

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