In a traditional 'Chi Pi Khwü' Shawl

Why Naganess? 

As cliche as it sounds, they say there is no place a Naga girl cannot go but you can never take the "Naganess" out of her. This is especially true for me. Everything I do in life and love and enjoy is tinged by my Naganess. My sense of style and tastes are singularly stereotypically tribal - Naga to be specific.

I am proud of my cultural heritage and take immense care to represent my tribal identity correctly and positively. My blog - My salad days - was experimental from the beginning but what had stood out and persisted is the essence of me and it is a sincere expression of who and what I am hence 'My Salad Days' is now "Naganess". Thank you for continuing with me on my journey. There is so much more to explore. So let's get on with it!


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