Nagaland Through My Eyes - Cynthia Kolakhe - Wall of Art^^

Cynthia Kolakhe is an artist through and through - whether it is her Street art, paintings or the quirky fusion clothes she designs. We chat over coffee, chicken pakoras and the best chow in town at Dream Cafe, my destination cafe for all meetups and chats when in Kohima. And then we drive around town while she points out what she has been doing with a bunch of like- minded people to beautify Kohima - with murals and thought provoking art. If you were wondering who has been splashing beautiful art all over town and in tight corners, stand back and pause a moment and reflect on the message in the images. It says many different things but most importantly, that you are and can be the change and times are changing whether you like it or not.

Cynthia's Art on the walls of Dream Cafe in Kohima.

So what came first? Art or Fashion?
The ar̥̄t was ther̥̄e even as a kid. I got into art first and then fashion followed. But I was always mix matching colours and easily combined art and fashion and that gave birth to my designs. My degree in fine arts has honed my sense of art more and I love the process of creating art fulfilling.

Describe your personal style.
I always wanted my style to be unique and I choose to be different from the rest. I wanted to modify everything I bought - doodling all over my clothes, adding tiny details to my bags and shoes etc.
My style always has a personal touch, comfortable and something that stands out.

Style Inspiration?
I am a big fan of Fashion Designer Manish Arora for his colourful and unique designs; and Kelly Smith for his awesome fashion illustration and sketches.

Travel destination?
I love travelling in the Northeast region of India. I also have a fascination for beaches.

Your highs?
I feel great when doing any Art or fashion events as it gives me immense space to explore and experiment. My favorite projects have been the ones where I also get share a  message such as the NSACS Projects and what I got to do with Project72hrs.

2017 plans?
I'm looking forward to and planning bigger art and fashion projects in collaboration with some famous icons. There is an art event called A thousand Art in New York where artists come to showcase their work and connect. I'm working hard to be a part of it and looking out for support. Fingers crossed.

Your thoughts on fashion in the NE?
Most of the NE people are fashionable and that's what I see in the state capital. For me, fashion is not about branded clothes but how we can mix and match colours and items of clothing to express yourself and that true style.

Present state of mind?
Murals/Street Art was always a dream for me to fulfill. I have a habit of drawing and painting empty walls or doodle on every blank sheet of my notebooks. It all started with mural art on my room walls at home, my neighbour's wall and eventually realised officially with my collaboration with Project 72 hrs for large scale street art to spread awareness and beautify the town. As of now, we are doing street art at our own expense for the love of it but hopefully, in future we hope to get commissioned by the Government to do more art or get some sponsors. That would be a great help.
On that note, we on our part can help maintain the art and keep our city cleaner, and read the writing on the wall. It's our home and we need to take responsibility and take care of bit.

Nagaland Through My Eyes - Cynthia Kolakhe - Wall of Art^^

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