Back in the alleys I love^^

What do you do on a beautiful winter morning in Delhi? You take a long walk down the streets you love. So I landed up at my favourite place in the world and breathed in the crisp cold air of Hauz Khas Village. The narrow streets slowly filling up with people, coffee in a cosy cafe, chatting with friends and snapshots of the happy moment. Also, I flaunted my favourite outfits from péro. Warm and stylish and happy. That was me.

Oh. And we were stopped for a short chat on video for All in a day's work :)

All Photography by Team Naganess
Back in the alleys I love^^


  1. very nice blog and outfit !!!! Follow this blog kiss

    1. Thank you very much Ilona. Following you back. Do stop by again :)

  2. Shy..Cute.. Beautiful.. Attitude..all in one :)

  3. Picture perfect, outfit perfect, boots i die for, you- just too beautiful <3



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