Hornbill Dairies 2014^^

An eventful year slowly draws to an end and it feels great to be back home to take in the joys and pains of the biggest Festival in this part of the world and soon becoming the most happening festival in India.

I spent a leisurely day after a long time to enjoy opening day of Hornbill in spite of the drama of the PM's visit. Picked up a few crafts, jewellery and even clothes. Met a lot of friends and took a lot of pictures. Glad to also meet and interact with fans of Li.
Day 1 came to an end with heavy lunch at the Naga Chef Season 2 food stalls and a dusty but uneventful ride back home in a cosy local taxi.
At the Chakhesang Naga morung, checking out the food and saying hi to our people.
Yo Sumi morung.
I can't get network :(

With the colourful and bright Khiamniungan damsels.
With Lotha belles.
Saying hello along with a Sumi Couple.
Rengma boys and girls all set to welcome the PM.
With Manen.
With Alung reminiscing Edinburgh days.
With friends from Ebenezer Band.
Zeliang girls in their finery. Hey aram Naga gwanglo regui bamlei!!!!

With elders at the Chakhesang morung.
At the kachari morung.
Singing with the Chakhesang men.
With Olympian Cekrovolü Swuro.

At the Pochury morung

Shopping at Craft it by Mongtimong

Had to stop at PML store.  Picked up a lovely skirt too.

Hornbill Dairies 2014^^


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    1. Thank you Jay :) I had so much fun. Come to Kohima next Hornbill Festival.
      Warm regards. Happy december!




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