Girl in Boots - Dulla Shoes Winter Collection 2015^^

After exactly five months, I am back home and how the season changes!
It's crisp and cold and sunny and dusty in Kohima but I love coming home to Kohima winters.
There are lots of winter goodies you see. Family gatherings, weddings, Christmas prep and then Christmas, festivals and yummy food and spending time with family and friends. It's the holiday season for me at least. When I was younger, I would look forward to December as that meant the end of a year and exams and celebrations after that. Christmas shopping was the highlight of December.

I did my winter shopping early this year or rather, Santa came early this year in more ways than one. Let me show off my new Dulla boots. I have teamed them up with my favourite péro scarf, vintage J Crew sweater and my zara wool skirt. Snug in my favourite Forever21 grey stockings, I went for a walk in the alleys and paths of my neighbourhood and much have changed. Like the weather and my wardrobe. 
You can order your own Dulla pair at Dulla Shoes.

Girl in Boots - Dulla Shoes Winter Collection 2015^^

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  1. Miss Dulla!
    Loving these images.
    Looks like a cool new munni in the Colony
    Loving this new look on your blog too :) ��



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