Celebrations with Amber^^

My Styling date with Amber https://getamber.com/
Instagram : @appamber 

Its the festive season and I have lots of party invitations. I have lots of clothes and shoes but what about make up? And hair?
 I'm bored with my usual styles but don't want to cut my hair so what do I do? 
Amber comes to the rescue. 
Amber is an excellent online platform to get access to makeup artists and hair stylists all over India and an array of beauty and lifestyle services. I found my make up artist and hair stylist Prachi who came right to my living room to do my makeup and hair.
So my make up artist arrived. I just had to tell her that I'm going to a pre Christmas party and feel like a Princess and she happily turned me into this.
Thank you Amber for sending the very talented Prachi and her assistant Ashu to help me. Here I am wearing my new lace dress and fur that I picked up during my visit to Kunming, China for the Handshake Concert. Thanks to our dear friend Janet in China and Ahmed Dulla for my new Dulla Boots. Merry Christmas :)

Thank you Prachi :)

With my Hairstylist and Makeup Artist :)

Celebrations with Amber^^

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