Red is the colour of love: Dulla Chelsea boots^^

Call me a romantic but I think red is rightly the colour of love. Love however can be many different degrees and kinds. Like how I love my new Dulla chelsea boots is different from how I love wearing my traditional Naga costumes. Like my love for home food and my love for the occasional sweet treats. One love is constant in my life and that is the love of my family. December is always family time and I always feel blessed to have my parents and siblings around the holiday season.
Red is also the colour of Christmas more than Valentine's Day for me. I am looking forward to Christmas. A quiet but warm one this season. And my red Dulla chelsea boots will keep me company as they did on my recent trip to Kunming China for an amazing cultural experience.
You can buy your own pair at Dulla Shoes

Red is the colour of love: Dulla Chelsea boots^^


  1. Great pictures Kuvelu :) Just discouvered your blog and there is something really special about your beauty and the estehtic your blog has x

    Happy Monday!

    Real Life Nerd //

    1. Thank you very much Viviene Kok.
      You are very kind.
      Do visit again.
      Lots of love from Nagaland. God bless!

      K <3



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