Best Birthday 2015^^

How do people spend their birthdays, I wonder! My last birthday was perfect with the right company, work and a festive celebration of an event. 

It all started with a long drive to a lovely spot midway to Dimapur from Kohima, with my sisters, brother and a bunch of dear friends. We then spent the first half of the day busy shooting for a lookbook for my favourite designer brand péro by Aneeth Arora. 
Next stop, lunch. 
Yummy Naga style food at Chåpru - fried duck, chicken curry, smoked fried beef, smoked pork in bamboo shoot, hot spicy green chilly chutney, fish chutney with kind chilly, rice, boiled veggies and bamboo shoot gravy to top it all. 
After lunch, it was time to dress up all fancy for the Nagaland Anime Junkies' second edition of Cosplay in Kohima. I didn't have a character in mind. Nor did my sister Lulu. We just tried out our new wigs with our cutesy outfits and we were set for the celebrations at the Heritage.

With my sisters, Lulu and Mercy.

My big brother drove us there.

My birthday lunch feast.

Best Birthday 2015^^

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  1. Such a lovely pictures. Look so cute.



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