Clothes that live - Anahat^^

There are some clothes that make you feel beautiful and some that make you come alive. 

Anahat by Bindi Subba is a label with beautifully earthy vibes that make you feel real close to the earth - nature, the soil, the moon and the soul of the earth. It brought out the child and the woman in me at the same time and gave me a calmness that can only come from being close to the earth even though I was surrounded by a cloak of gloom in the aftermath of Diwali in Delhi and the chaos of city life. I love the earth tone makeup by Christine Shihchin Hsiung and thanks to my sister Lulu for the lovely photography. 

I feel that the essence of the clothes have been beautifully captured as I somehow channeled a mix of Goddess and Mother Earth while wearing them.

▲|||▼ ✡☽ ANAHAT ▲|||▼ ✡

 Kundalini Yoga for Your Soul ↠ Intuitive Clothing↠ High Vibe Naturally Dyed clothes ↠ Created by Bindi Subba

Clothes that live - Anahat^^

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