Nagaland Through My Eyes - Riding new waves with Thejakielie Zuyie^^

Meet Thejakielie Zuyie aka AK or Akelie to friends. He calls himself a jack of all trades. Others like me would call him a grandmaster and a very well dressed one. We take a walk down memory lane to our alma mater, Don Bosco School Kohima where he was my senior. I ask him how he started his entrepreneurial journey and what keeps him on the move.

The travel bug got to him early while still in school and as a young Scout in the 9th grade, he got to represent the country internationally in 1998. "It was a good feeling to wear the 'India' badges on my uniform as the only Indian cadet', he reminisces. 

After high school, he trained as a Sound Engineer and soon set up his enterprise, LifePro - one of the first professional event sound solutions and management teams in Nagaland. This keeps him and his team busy. He hasn't looked back since, rather letting music and managing events take him across shores while his wanderlust takes him deeper on a journey of discovery. He does play a whole lot of musical instruments as well including the traditional Naga Tati.

"I love travelling but particularly in Nagaland. Every journey is full of learning. I love coming back to the same places sometimes as each experience is different and special. My journey throughout Nagaland has given me a better understanding of my land and people. There is so much beauty and new things to discover at each step."

"I don't usually plan trips but allow it to happen and so far, it has worked just fine. I'm open to new experiences every time I set out. The journey is as important as the destination. 

"Travel is never easy but I'm not fussy. No trip is perfect and yet, no trip disappoints. I travel in a car or a bike. Travelling to Bhutan in 2016 on a bike was an immensely fulfilling trip. It's a beautiful country," says AK. "Nagaland has her own charms, depending on what the traveller is looking for. A visit to a Naga village is a must for every traveller though."

"I would love to own a big bike someday. Not necessarily a BMW or Ducati but a big one. With cars, I'm not too particular." 

"Style is personal but I count on functional dressing. I like to dress right for the occasion. One should wear the right clothes for the right activity. I try to be fully geared up for whatever I am going to do whether I am going trekking or a ride or a game of badminton. 

I shop for clothes on a need basis. Comfort and good fit are my key criteria. Not trends or brands or fashion."

It's hard for me to stay idle. I like to keep myself occupied. I'm very social and like to visit friends when free. I don't watch TV or play a particular sport but I like to be active and enjoy a good party. Says the man of many talents who has rubbed shoulders with many big names in the music industry. 

Hidden talents? "People enjoy my cooking and I'm a great dancer." On that, I completely agree with him. Cheers AK!

Nagaland Through My Eyes - Riding new waves with Thejakielie Zuyie^^

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