Nagaland Through My Eyes - Sanen Kichu - Dreams in Motion^^

Allow me to introduce you all to a super talented young man, Sanen Kichu of San Productions and other half of Rec.current.
We walked around one of Kohima’s biggest landmark, the Cathedral and enjoyed the surreal view of Kohima as we talked about his journey. As a younger boy, he played the keys but after college, he chose to wield the camera and capture moments in motion. Ever since he moved back to Kohima after his studies in Bangalore, to follow his dream of making films and videos, the last two years has seen him cover atleast 50-60 weddings and video projects. He has covered major events in Nagaland including the Naga Anime Junkies(NAJ) annual Cosplay, Oztronics EDM music fest and many more. With Rec.current partner Apem, they want to establish a steady platform for artistes and musicians to showcase their music repertoire on video in a professional format. “We want artistes to feel special when they come to perform on the Rec.current and be pampered and know that their art matters. That’s why we are putting in so much effort in every shot and session, to take this up on a big scale and push artistes to the next level of engagement with the virtual audience-online.”
A good video happens when the elements come together to express the artist/mood/music/moment. I look for inspiration in all that is happening around me. Life inspires. As for music videos, I spend time making storyboards and planning each frame though I’m very poor at sketching, discuss with clients and go for it. Sometimes, things spontaneously come together and editing brings it to a good result.

“What I love about filming weddings is that I get to freeze the most important moments of a couple on film for the long haul and enable them to come back to that magical day whenever they want. It’s about capturing the nuances and retelling that story with all the essential details.
While most parents emphasise on job security, young people should be allowed and encouraged to follow their talent and explore other fields if they are creative. We all need that space. Job security is not the priority. Job satisfaction is.
My dream is to own a Red Camera or a Cinema Camera that people in Hollywood/Bollywood use to make movies. Thankfully, for now, there are many good equipments that are affordable and give satisfactory results. But it’s a nice dream to someday own the right gear for the kind of work I hope to do.
I feel that many people in Nagaland are very creative and we need to work together to improve ourselves, share experiences and learning to get even better. It it not about competing for projects but learning to work together which is more important.
My choice of drink is coffee. Black and without Sugar. And Red Bull.  
I don’t have a style formula. I usually wear what is comfortable, feels nice and look neat for the right occasion.
A good watch and clean shoes and I am sorted. 
I love music and play the piano and a bit of guitar but these days, I’m mostly on my PC editing footage for hours on end. I enjoy watching movies and thoroughly enjoy Drama, Romance and Comedy. I like to exercise but my work load has been pretty heavy so I have been missing my regular sessions. It’s important to stay fit and healthy else you can’t work.

Having made plans to work together on a music video soon, we part after having coffee at D’Cafe- one of the newer cool joints in Kohima.
Nagaland Through My Eyes - Sanen Kichu - Dreams in Motion^^

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