Stinging Nettles :: Sazü Liro Müne^^

Ouch! Nettles on my skin? You may be thinking how could one possibly wear something made of stinging nettle? But you know what, nettle has been used to produce a fine fibre that can be spun and woven into cloth.
Nettles have been used to make clothing for a long time now by tribes of Nagaland. 
Nettle stems contain a baby fibre that has been traditionally used for the same purpose as linen and is produced by a similar retting process. Unlike cotton, nettles grow easily without pesticides. Being similar in texture to those materials produced by flax and hemp fibres the cloth also became widely used by the German army during the First World War when there was a shortage of cotton for the soldiers uniform.
The juice of the stems and leaves has been used to produce a permanent green dye, while a yellow dye can be obtained from boiling the roots. 
People have eaten the nettle for many centuries. Nutritionally the nettle is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, iron and numerous trace elements as well as a range of Vitamins.
Not only humans have benefited from the consumption of the nettle. When dried and turned into hay the nettle loses its sting and becomes palatable to livestock.

Stinging Nettles :: Sazü Liro Müne^^

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