Celebrating #CraftsvillaWorldEthnicDay in a Crafstvilla Golden Saree.

On June the 19th, we are set to celebrate #CraftsvillaWorldEthnicDay as instituted by Craftsvilla to celebrate the myriad colours of the country. I'm glad to kickstart this festivity a few days ahead.

Anyone who has followed my blogging journey knows that I'm everything ethnic and tribal by default and by choice. So, to be able to be a part of a celebration of "Ethnic" was a big OK right from the start and the lovely people at Craftsvilla definitely made it my worthwhile. I went crazy going through the massive collection on the website with prices suiting all pockets. I am a fan. To buy your own ethnic style statement or a gift, do check out by clicking here the link for the saree I am wearing and I promise you, there are a thousand more to choose from.

I have always been fascinated by sarees. They are so mysterious and flattering to all body types including my lean frame. And there is so many varieties of draping, texture, prints and colours and trends and stories.

My blog is all about and has always been about my roots and what being a tribal girl means to me. My essence as a person is where I come from - the people, the land, the culture and this is true for every person who values family and knows the things that mean something. What I understand as a tribal is that I belong to this proud group of people who have always been close to nature, the old ways and tied up intricately with the land we came from so much that you can take me away from the village but deep down I'm always the simple village girl who will occasionally love and enjoy the city ways but will always hold on to her roots.

After much back and forth, I finally shortlisted the saree I absolutely had to have and it was on its way to me.
I love all things white and right next to it is Gold. Of course, I considered the beautiful pinks and oranges and nudes and deep greens but in the end - the gold one was meant to be mine and I have paired it with a beautiful blouse that I bought from Imphal's Ima Market on my last visit.

To buy this beautiful Golden saree to add to your own collection, click here.

To tell the truth, I haven't too many sarees in my wardrobe. After all, I'm more of a Mekhela girl and you'll see me more in my tribal attire than a saree - but that doesn't make me any less of an Indian lady who loves to drape the 51/2 metre wonder. Not to mention the quintessential gold accessories complete with jingling bangles and a tikka and not forgetting a big bindi. And I can carry one like I was born to it and I'm rather proud of it.

The clothes you wear tell a story about you and mine does too. While I let my songs and clothes do the talking, I have never refrained from talking about how proud I am of my cultures. While most in my culture would not wear a saree ever - it does not mean we don't appreciate what it means for the average Indian woman who wears it everyday. That's the beauty of culture - the variation, diversity and colours that we are learning to explore, understand and celebrate. There is so much beauty in the ethnic and indigenous and we are mad to go elsewhere seeking inspiration. Cheers to Made in Nagaland. Make in India. Handmade. Sustainable fashion and Sustainable living.

The accessories featured in this shoot are from my own personal collection - the necklace and earring set along with the hairpiece - gifted. The bangles are thrifted from Delhi's Sarojini Nagar Market. My footwear is a pair of gold pumps also gifted by a friend. 

Wardrobe courtesy: Craftsvilla (Click here for more saree and ethnic wear options. )
Photographed at Potato Farm, Mao, Manipur by @Pfuneo Krichena, Award Winning Photographer.
Make up and Hair by Celebrity Make up artist @Johnny D'Ascoli, Kohima, Nagaland.

Assisted by Bits and Mercy.

Celebrating #CraftsvillaWorldEthnicDay in a Crafstvilla Golden Saree.

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