Coffee for a cause^^

One lovely december evening, all the musical talents of Kohima and Dimapur assembled over coffee for a cause at the delightful Niathu Resort. The rains also decided to pay a visit as we gathered to share our music to raise a little fund for the little ones of Bright Morning Star Children's Home who needed a little loving to build their library. Hosted by the suave Toshizen, the evening saw great music, warmth and generous giving. Alobo Naga, Obed Kath, Kevi Pucho, Alo Wanth, Moanungsang Naga Idol were some of the star performers.

Here's me giving my little bit on behalf of my band Tetseo Sisters. My brother, Mhaseve played the guitar for me and we sang the "Orphan's Lullaby" or the "Prayer song". Thanks to Mireuyi and Toshi Longchar for the lovely photography.

Thank you Toshi Longchar and Mireuyi Herie :)
Coffee for a cause^^

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