My Edinburgh Snapshots^^

Here are some happy moments captured from my days at Edinburgh as part of the Nagaland Team at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2014 - Auguest 1- 23. Enjoy!

At Edinburgh First Campus, Pollock Halls which was home to us for the almost month long stay.

And beautiful castles abound making me feel like a regal princess as I sang my happy songs as an ambassador of my people, my land and my country.

Holding my Mithun Horn Tati instruments at practice and rehearsal session. We had many of those rounds daily. Phew! It was a lot of hard work. And fun.

All set to go......and hiyohey!

With the gang - Lungpinglak, Mireuyi, George, Tsuyi and Atso :P
With my Sis Mercy :)

Waiting for the bus to take us to the venue :) The Edinburgh Castle. This was a daily routine. 5pm everyday.

At the venue. The Edinburgh Castle esplanade. Seats for a good 8000 crowd and atleast 3000 more- participants, volunteers and staff.
With my singing/dancing partner Obed Kath (Divine Connection) :P
Waiting for our turn :) With Wati, Alobo, Metet, Imti and Manen :)
With Bine Sievituo :)
With Anguno, Tsino and Mercy :)
Sisters and sisters at rehearsals :)
The cast of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2014. Team Nagaland is there in the 8th row from the front.
My Edinburgh Snapshots^^

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