Day 8 Hornbill Festival

Day 8 of Hornbill Festival and I get to let down my hair and enjoy the sights and the food.
Got to Kisama Bamboo Pavilion early and in time to attend the release of Easterine Kire's new book "Thoughts after easter" by renowned Entrepreneur and MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar, of whom I am a big fan. He was also Guest of Honour for the cultural extravaganza of the day "Culturally Yours" at the main arena.

Had delicious galho at the Chakhesang Morung after attending the morning's cultural program and took some exciting photos with friends, fans and revellers at the Heritage Village, Kisama and then off to the Night Carnival.
My sister Mercy and I drink traditional tea - warm küseko ca - job's tears tea.
Pic of the day :D With the man himself.

With two very important people. Easterine Kire, author and Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, Political Activist, Icon and Entrepreneur. 
The Guest of honour arrives.
A rousing welcome to the Guest of the Day.
Phom girls in nice tops.
Chang men chant a folk song.
Rengma Men demonstrate beating grain after harvest

Interacting with Yimchungru ladies from Salomi Village, Tuensang

With Chakhesang menfolk. They are telling me stories.

Day 8 Hornbill Festival

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  1. Nice Blog. And thanks :) I was having difficulty identifying the Phom tribe. I have a picture of yours from exactly the opposite side. Just noticed. Sty fly ~



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