December Fun with my sister Lulu - Onlyursfashion^^

What do you do on a sunny December afternoon in Delhi on your day off when your sister who lives in another city comes visiting? Drag her out for a photo op and then go shopping in the famous street stores of Saro, sample some street momos and then head home with goodies you bargained your heart out for.
Just another day of fun with sisters.

But first, dress up in your favourite outfit of the moment: courtesy : check
Let her wear her pick of the season: courtesy : check
Find a willing photographer who will shoot pictures of you going crazy in your new outfits: big sister Mercy : check

Now time to sit down with a mug of your favourite steaming hot drink: green tea with honey in my case and pore over the photos of that lovely afternoon.

Knit black cropped boat neck sweater from on Lulu. Skater skirt from
H&M tights borrowed from big sis. Skull Necklace by Something Naga. Footwear by Dulla Shoes.
Woollen grey/black dress from on Kuvelu. Boots by Dulla Shoes. Stockings H&M.
Audrey Hepburn Icon bags thrifted in Pratunam Market, Bangkok. Cashmere Rumal from péro by Aneeth Arora.

December Fun with my sister Lulu - Onlyursfashion^^

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