My First Style Date with Flyrobe^^

We girls have cupboards full of clothes and yet, when we need to step out for a special date or even coffee, we just don't have anything to wear! Anything new or appropriate, that is. How I often wish that there was a store or service which would send over lovely goodies to wear every time I had to step out so I could wear something nice and new without having to worry about closet space or paying a bomb for a new outfit!

Good news! That's what exactly flyrobe does. You can pick out the clothes of your choice, rent them and wear them for your special occasion and in 3 days, they come by to pick it up and you can just move on to your next outfit. They have quite a collection of bags, outfits- both western and ethnic Indian and lovely accessories to go with the pretty outfits. I was worried about renting clothes from a hygiene point of view but they came crisply fresh and new. I believe they go through a thorough cleaning after every trip out to clients. Phew! So much care they have taken.

Here's the casual outfit I picked up for a sandwich date at Hanging Garden, Mumbai. Thanks to flyrobe, I think I'm going to be a smart girl who rents from my always new wardrobe for my dates with style. Thank you.

To check out your own new look on rent, check out today and use the code HOLA300 for a discount on your first rented outfit! Available in Mumbai and Delhi now.
Forever new Top in XS from flyrobe. Jewellery from flyrobe. Zara Striped shorts from flyrobe. #slingbag also from flyrobe. I wish they start stocking up shoes too :D 

My First Style Date with Flyrobe^^

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